AVF Book Club – May Discussion Details

The Amplifying Voices through Fiction (AVF) Book Club is going strong. Thank you to all of the members for leading and participating. The book for May is The Light of Days: The Untold Story of Women Resistance Fighters in Hitler’s Ghettos

Discussion will take place over Zoom on May 3 at 8PM.

If you would like to participate in AVF, no commitment is required. You can join month to month, as your schedule allows. Email Mary Macinnis at AVFbookclub@gmail[dot]com if you’d like to be included.

Books can be ordered through Park Street with the standard 20% discount from Medfield Together’s special collection on their site here.


About the Amplifying Voices through Fiction book club

The publishing industry has long been dominated by white, cis, male authors. They sell well because that’s what on the shelves. That’s what people see promoted on Amazon and on the NYT Best Seller’s list.

The AVF book club aims to undermine this trend, even if only on a small scale.* We choose a piece of contemporary, mainstream fiction written by a BIPOC author each month and discuss the book on the first Monday of each month (via Zoom or, perhaps when COVID is over, in person) at the end of the month.

*There is a long-standing discussion about reading non-white/cis/male authors and what can be gained from so doing. See, for example: https://readingdiverselyayearofnotreadingwhitemen.wordpress.com/about/.

AVF Book Club – May Discussion Details

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