Black History Knowledge Quest

Embark on the Quest!

In celebration of Black History Month, Medfield Together invites you to join our 2nd Annual Black History Knowledge Quest. In this family friendly activity, Questers are challenged to visit various locations throughout downtown Medfield to find Black history portals. Each portal features a past or present figure in Black history and highlights their achievements and contributions.

The Portals

If you are to accept this Quest, you will be exploring downtown Medfield where you will find 15 Portals (locations) with a placard featuring someone of significance to Black history – past and present.

Learn about the Black History Makers and take note of the clue on each placard (hint: look for the magnifying glasses!). Use the worksheet below to record your clues to decode the secret message!


You can participate on the Knowledge Quest right at your computer.

Using the above worksheet to help you navigate, you can explore downtown Medfield and the 15 portals via this map.

Click on each portal to reveal the Black History Maker and fill out your worksheet. Then be sure to enter the contest for a chance to win a gift certificate to Park Street Books.

Enter the Contest

A total of 15 significant individuals are featured at Portals in the downtown area.

Find as many people as you can. There are inventors, scholars, athletes, artists, and other trailblazers! Every one is sure to inspire you.

Kids 18 and under: Learn about as many people as you can while on the Black History Knowledge Quest. Also, take note of the clues on each placard and use the worksheet above to help you decode the secret message. Then fill out the form below to enter the contest for a chance to win a Park Street Books Gift Certificate!

Submit your entries by clicking the button below.
Entries will be accepted until Feb 28th. One submission per person.

If you’d like to be notified about news of the Quest and future initiatves from Medfield Together, click the button below.

We hope you have fun celebrating Black History Month with us!

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