Black History Knowledge Quest

Embark on the Quest!

In celebration & recognition of Black History Month, Medfield Together invites you to join us on our 3rd Annual Black History Knowledge Quest during the month of February.


You can venture on the Quest in either the children’s section on the second floor or in the teen area on the lower floor. Each section features the same set of portals so you only need to go to one. 

At the portals, you will find a placard highlighting the achievements and contributions of either a past or present figure in Black history – several have connections to Medfield! On each placard, look for a magnifying glass 🔍 with letters inside of it and keep track of them. Once you’ve found all 13 of the placards, combine the letters from the magnifying glasses to decode an important & meaningful quote. If your child needs some extra clues for how to order the letters, please see a librarian for assistance. 

Knowledge Quest participants will have the opportunity to win a gift card to Park Street Books by filling out the form below to enter the contest!

Submit your entries by clicking the button below.
Entries will be accepted until Feb 28th. One submission per person.

If you’d like to be notified about news of the Quest and future initiatives from Medfield Together, click the button below.

We hope you have fun celebrating Black History Month with us!

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