Medfield Together plans to focus on a single initiative at a time in two areas:

    1. Our broader community – Through partnerships with local organizations and businesses, Medfield Together aspires to raise awareness about and take action against systems of oppression within our community,.
    2. Our schools – Medfield Together believes all students benefit when a multiplicity of perspectives and identity are reflected both within the classroom and beyond. We aim to partner with the Medfield Public Schools to assist teachers, administrators, students, parents and the broader community to become the best global citizens that they can be through education and open, respectful dialogue relating to identity differences. To accomplish this, we hope to amplify the voices and concerns of students within the Medfield Public School system who may be marginalized or misunderstood. Together, we can create a school environment centered around equity for all students.   
Our current initiatives
COMMUNITY: Our first community initiative is to build a little libraries around town. We will stock the Medfield Together Little Inclusive Libraries with books written by diverse authors and featuring diverse characters, as well as books with social justice and social emotional learning themes. We aim to feature books that serve a wide audience, including board books, picture books, YA lit and adult fiction & nonfiction books. We plan to thoughtfully source these books utilizing local partners, including Park Street Books in Medfield.
SCHOOL:  We are working on establishing the next school-based initiative. Stay tuned. As community members and parents, we aim to partner with the schools to create positive change in the following areas:  listening to and acting on the concerns of MPS minority students to create a school culture that is inclusive and welcoming for all, helping to identify and design well-balanced curricula for all grade levels, advocating for professional development that creates a school culture centered around equity, and identifying and inviting speakers to educate parents and the community at large.

Our Process

When considering our initiatives, we follow our Listen. Learn. Act. framework. This process helps identify challenges, ensures there is a true need for change and enables us to create relevant change. 

First, we LISTEN to the impacted groups to better understand the problem. Our priority is centering the voices and lives of marginalized residents and communities. 

Then, we LEARN and explore possible solutions. This includes looking outside of our town to understand best practices and other creative ideas, creating relationships with community stakeholders, and examining the future impact of the solutions.

And lastly, we take ACTion. Our initiatives will sometimes be large and sometimes be small but ultimately, we strive to do our best for our town.

Join Us!

Learn more about how you can contribute to our initiatives on the Contact page.

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